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At Reflect and React we truly believe in the power of coaching. We’ve each completed the Certification in Business and Personal Coaching, accredited by the University of Chester and the ICF. This certification has been approved by Barefoot Ltd who are regarded as the best provider in the UK. We all adhere to the ICF code of conduct and operate in a non-judgemental way. We’ve included personal biographies below to give a flavour of who each of us are, however rest assured that any of our coaches can provide you with an excellent space to reflect and excel.

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Ben Clayton

About me

A highly qualified Coach with the market-leading Barefoot, who is also a highly qualified Personal Trainer with industry-leading Premier Global. I have well over a decade in creating, supporting and helping high performing teams, having worked with some of the most disruptive brands in the world, I certainly know what it takes to help people and companies focus on what’s actually important.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many senior executives which enabled me to spend time helping them overcome and achieve such things as stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, fitness goals, and better self-body confidence.

As a Coach, I have had the pleasure of working with people, teams, and organisations around confidence, changing career, getting a promotion, pay negotiations, and managing conflict within their teams or departments.

About my style

The way I approach coaching is in a direct communication style while creating the space needed to explore your thoughts. Together we will build an environment that enables you to check yourself and impress yourself.

We will engage in a creative exploration space that will evoke sustainable but powerful change. The engagement will be a collaborative one.

I believe that to really make a change, you must be prepared to put in some hard work, I will be helping you to find where best to spend your energy.

If you enjoy a fun, creative, collaborative, yet constructively challenging working relationship, then I believe we can achieve great things together.

“We Are Often Our Own Captors”

Chris Davey

About me

I’m a Barefoot qualified coach who is backed up with over a decade of experience coaching, mentoring and supporting teams and organisations of individuals to achieve more.

I’ve worked with some of the UK’s most trusted brands, assisting teams and departments to reflect on their practices and then react in a way that makes sense to them. I’ve bought this experience forward with me into my coaching practice. Allowing my clients to set goals that make sense to them, then providing support and challenge to ensure that they have everything they need to achieve them.

About my style

My coaching style is fairly relaxed, but I don’t shy away from challenging or thought-provoking questions. I believe in keeping the thought bubble firmly above my clients head, giving my clients the time and space to think clearly about their best way forward.

My coaching has enabled my clients to achieve their career aspirations, deal with anxiety issues and launch new business ventures. I work non-judgmentally and in the strictest confidence with all my clients.

Even though I have a default style, I also understand that my clients need a style that suits them. I am careful to find out the level of challenge and support each of my clients require.

“What if you could?”